The Roll of Honor

May you rest in the peace of knowing that your loved ones, your friends, and your country will not forget what you, your fallen comrades, and surviving comrades did for our freedom and this great country

Honoring the members of the 192nd recently lost. Click on their names to view their profiles on the Proviso East High School Bataan Commemorative Project* website.

Recent Survivor Deaths

Co. Name Date Location
B PVT Kirchhoff, Herbert J., Jr. 06/10/2015 Montana
B 2LT Morin, Ben R. 04/23/2015 Michigan
B PVT Lajzer, Donald 03/16/2013 Ohio
HQ PVT Motosko, Thomas P. 02/20/2013 Florida
C PFC LeGrow, Silas 01/15/2013 Arkansas
C PVT DuBois, Albert 08/03/2012 Wisconsin
D SGT French, Morgan 02/24/2012 Texas
B PVT Aquila, Andrew J. 11/28/2011 Texas
HQ PVT Read, John H. 01/272011 Texas

In the midst of death and in the comradeship of the doomed, I found out that I had courage, endurance, strength, the capability to sacrifice . . . the supreme virtue of manhood. In Bataan, I realized my capability for nobility as I fought for the freedom of other people, and that in doing so, I had, somehow, given meaning to the brotherhood of man and had vindicated God’s faith in His creatures.


– From the eulogy for Lt. Emmett Gibson, Co. B, delivered on April 9. 1959 by Brig Gen. Ocampo in the Philippines.


* – Thank you to Jim Opolony and the students at Proviso East for their work on these profiles.